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Business Plan 2020-2021

In compliance with the Broader Public Sector Business Documents Directive, we are pleased to provide you with the following information about our Agency.


Helping families and communities in Renfrew County protect and support the development and well being of children, youth and adults through integrated services, prevention and social inclusion.

Strategic Directions:

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Check out our Strategic Plan 2017-2022 video! We would like to acknowledge and thank Zo-ee and Shaedon for providing the voices in the video.

Current and Planned Programs:

Service Plan for 2020-2021:

  • Focus on Strength Based Practice in all of our service delivery
  • Ensure accountability and best practice to concentrate on Practice Priorities
  • Develop mechanisms to strengthen our ability to provide Early Help and Permanency options
  • Communicate and plan together to enable client, staff and stakeholder Engagement


FCSRC AODA Multi-Year Plan 2021

Performance Measures and Targets:

A.  Child Welfare Key Performance Indicators:

Renfrew County Summary March 2018

B.  Our Annual Report contains other programs’ service data:

Annual Report 2019-2020


Financial Accountability:

Attestation regarding the Broader Public Sector Perquisites Directive 2018-2019

Attestation regarding the Broader Public Sector Perquisites Directive 17-18

FCSRC Perquisites Directive Attestation 2016-17

Board Member Travel Summary 2020

Board Member Travel Summary 2019

Board Member Travel Summary 2018

Board member travel summary 2017

FCSRC Audited Financial Statements 2018-2019

FCSRC Audited Financial Statements 2017-2018

FCSRC Audited Financial Statements 2016-17

Executive Level – Staff Travel Expenses 2019-2020

Executive Level – Staff Travel Expenses 2018-2019

Executive Level – Staff Travel Expenses – 2017-18

Executive Level – Staff Travel Expenses – 2016-2017

Executive Level-Staff Travel Expenses – 2015-2016 Finance / Audit and Property