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Board of Directors

2021-2022 Board of Directors

Nicole Castle

Samantha Corriveau

Karina Dewar

Robert Guyea

Tiffiny Hughes

Wendy Jocko

Maggie Murdock

Scott Nichol

Mike Noon

Steven Parker

Ivan Saari

Amanda Wilson


Board of Directors’ Meetings

Schedule: 2020-2021 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

Members of the public are welcome to attend FCSRC Board meetings to observe the discussion and functioning of the Board. If you are planning to attend a meeting or would like further information, please email: [email protected].

We Are Recruiting New Members of the Board of Directors

Please see the PDFs below for instructions on how to apply to be a member of our Board of Directors.

Membre, Conseil D’Administration at Nov. 19, 2021

Member, Board of Directors at Nov. 19, 2021