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The Darlene Aikens Fund

Since 1980, Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County has been assisting families across Renfrew County send their children on an organized summer camping experience. This year, we are very proud to build on our efforts by helping kids, youth and adults grow in healthy ways by helping fund fun, educational and developmentally-centred activities including sports, the arts and a wide range of personal interest classes. The Darlene Aikens Fund has been able to give over 200 kids and youth a camp experience each year and now we hope it can help many more families across Renfrew County with important life-building experiences.

How You Can Help

The Darlene Aikens Fund is made possible by the generous donations of community members and supporting partners. One hundred percent of money received in donations goes to sponsoring a child, as Family and Children’s Services covers all operating and administrative costs. A tax receipt is issued for all donations. To learn more about how to donate to the fund, please contact


Our Partner



We are grateful to Darlene Aikens, a dedicated social worker and supervisor at FCSRC who left us too soon in 2000. Her passion for the children, youth and families she supported was incredible.