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Spring 2018

Introducing Our Homelessness Report

We have decided to change the style of our newsletter and cluster it around an important local issue: how it impacts our community and how many partnerships work in a healthier way to respond to the challenges many of our children, youth, adults and families are facing.

Spring is the time of renewal, new beginnings and hope for creating a better future. The topic of homelessness was chosen as an opportunity to reflect on the individuals whose most basic need of having a safe shelter and a home seems impossible to achieve, and our own role in assisting these individuals to achieve what we take for granted.

As you read through the following articles describing the wonderful local and provincial work communities are doing to contribute towards removing the barriers for homeless individuals, I ask you to reflect on how we can continue in Renfrew County to ensure the advocacy, innovation and creativity necessary to remove all the barriers and open the doors to every person to a safe and healthy home.

Wishing you a wonderful spring!