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Winter/Spring 2019

In 2012, FCSRC re-designed its visual identity in a logo that we feel embodies our values and our vision. Our logo represents a circle of care. All symbols are equal; not one is more important than the other is. The variety of colours recognize our programs and services and the diversity and uniqueness of each. Woven together, they make Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County – a multi-service agency dedicated to collaboration, respect and nurturing of each other, families, individuals, children and youth we serve. With the choice of burgundy for our letters – in recognition of legacy, history, development, existence and achievements in diverse services in the county – it helps symbolize where are story began and the path we are taking into the future.

We don’t often take time to celebrate and honour our partnerships and collaborative projects that benefit the people we serve. With strong community collaboration, the number of children in care continues to decrease based on the preventative work we do with families. There are also 12 children on adoption probation currently – one of many paths to permanency and the right one for these children.

As you read these stories, I hope that you will find them not only informative but motivating. We believe that when working together we can battle the challenges and successfully remove the barriers for people in our County to ensure a better future.

FCSRC continues to walk the path of our strategic directions: caring services, caring community and caring culture. We would not be able to achieve what we have without strong community partnerships and creative community collaborations.