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FCSRC Hosts 2018 Annual General Meeting

June 29, 2018


Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County (FCSRC) hosted its 2017-2018 Annual General Meeting at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre on June 21. The annual gathering of FCSRC Board of Directors, staff and community members was the first since the agency launched its 2017-2022 strategic plan.  This year’s meeting put a spotlight on the agency’s continued focus on caring services, caring culture and caring community and how the agency plans to evaluate its efforts.  The meeting also introduced newly appointed members to its Board of Directors, the new Executive of the Board, the presentation of the Millennium Scholarship Fund recipients and the launch of a new strategic plan video to help the agency communicate its plan to community members and partners.

In their report, Executive Director, Arijana Haramincic and Board Chair, Cindy Simpson, highlighted the focus on FCSRC’s strategic plan implementation this past year and the agency’s commitment to the community and its staff. This includes the development of a balanced scorecard that will be used to influence future decision making. It will be shared with the community and FCSRC partners not only to ensure transparency, but to ensure that the organization is making changes where they matter.

“Some may call it accountability – we call it caring”, says Haramincic. “Caring to ensure our services are making a positive and meaningful difference. Caring to ensure that as a community we are thriving and continuing to be sustainable and accessible to everyone. Caring to ensure our staff are knowledgeable, skilled and their own wellness is supported.”

Director Evelyn Swanson presented the report of the Nominating Committee. This included the recommendations of four new members to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors. Barbara Sarazin, Amanda Wilson, Murray Odesse and Elizabeth Johnston were all welcomed to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors. Swanson also delivered the nomination of the Executive of the Board. This included David Studham as Chair of the Board, Caroline Royer as Vice Chair of the Board, Mike Noon as Secretary of the Board, Ivan Saari as Treasurer of the Board, and Evelyn Swanson, Chair of the Governance and HR Committee and Cindy Simpson, Past Chair as Executive Officers of the Board.

Stephanie Murdoch, Supervisor in Training, Adolescent Services presented this year’s Millennium Scholarship Fund recipients. Receiving scholarships were: Jayden, Rachel, Meagan, Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Johnathon and Morgan.

For the first time, the agency has developed a video in English and French to communicate its 2017-2022 Strategic Plan in presentations to community members and partners. The animated video features the voices of children and youth from Renfrew County, selected from a community contest that engaged children and youth to enter to help FCSRC tell its story.  FCSRC also shared that work is currently underway to share the video in Algonquin.