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Send a County Kid to Camp

Each year, Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County’s Darlene Aikens Fund, with the generous support of businesses, organizations and individuals across Renfrew County send over 200 local kids on an organized summer camp experience. The experience means the world to these children and youth – giving them a chance to meet new friends, sing around campfires and learn about our natural environment.

We hope you can help us send Renfrew County kids to camp, and there are many ways you can support!

Any individual, group or business is welcome to donate to the fund anytime online by visiting or in person at our offices in Pembroke (77 Mary St.) or Renfrew (114 Argyle St.) or by mail (Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County, 77 Mary St. Pembroke, ON, Suite 100, K8A 5V4).

Family and Children’s Services is also grateful to many other county businesses and organizations supporting the 2019 campaign, including: