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Caring Dads

Are you a father who needs assistance in having a healthier, safer relationship with your child? Do you recognize patterns in your behavior that see you repeatedly harming your relationships? If so, Caring Dads might be a program for you.

Caring Dads is devoted to the safety and well-being of vulnerable children by working with fathers who need support.  Sometimes fathers are aware their behaviour has a negative impact on their family, but lack the support and programming required to make real changes. Other times fathers and families are unsure how to repair relationships when things go wrong.

Caring Dads provides men with an opportunity to gain insight and strategies that will help them ensure that their child is safe and able to achieve their developmental milestones.

In partnership with the Bernadette McCann House, Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County facilitate the Caring Dads program in seasonal sessions.  We accept referrals from individuals and from other organizations with a father’s written consent.