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Youth Programs & Training

3 Doors

The role of the 3 Doors program is to promote healthy, safe and responsible lifestyle choices with youth. This includes fostering self-esteem, confidence, relationships, pro-social coping strategies and skills to help youth achieve independence.

There are two primary components to the program: in class lessons and recreational and experiential learning. Classroom sessions are intended to expand the supports and resources for our youth and give them the opportunity to learn from others and develop practical skills.  This includes involving guest speakers from the community to share and present information. Additionally, youth speakers are invited to share their personal experiences related to the in class topics.  The recreational and experiential component provides youth with positive, supportive social activity involving their peers to give them an opportunity to assume leadership roles and also build their self-confidence social competency and self-esteem through role modelling.

Referrals are regularly received by schools, families, self-referrals or from existing members of the group to join 3 Doors.


Summer Employment Training for Teens (SETT)

The SETT program is a subsidized employment program for youth in care.  Its designed to provide early exposure and training to the norms of the work world or extended, in-depth work experience in a field related to a youth’s long-term career goals.

For youth in need of early workforce training, youth participate in workshops designed to prepare youth to approach community employers to interview, obtain, and complete a part-time summer job.  All youth work with a job coach who supports them in all aspects of obtaining and completing a summer job.


Walking My Path

Local youth interested in their Indigenous culture and learning and connecting in a safe space are welcome to join Walking My Path.  For youth who identify as First nations, Metis or Inuit or are interested in learning about Indigenous culture, this group provides an opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture through teaching, experience and activity, supported in personal reflection. It also includes:

  • Introducing youth to healthy self-esteem/self-worth behaviours
  • Promotion of healthy coping skills and defining positive behaviours
  • Assisting in developing skills to support positive and successful transition (for youth in care) to independence

Youth have an opportunity to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony, create a medicine garden and participate in a medicine harvesting walk. It also includes workshops on moccasin making, drum making and maple syrup tree tapping.

This program is partly funded by donations from the community, including the Friendship Centre and Anishinaabe Cultural Circle