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Parents Anonymous®

Parents Anonymous® of Renfrew County is Accredited by Parents Anonymous® Inc.

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®

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Feeling stressed or overwhelmed as a parent or caregiver? As the Accredited Parents Anonymous® of Renfrew County, we operate the Parents Anonymous® Program that is an evidence-based family strengthening program for any family seeking help and support or is involved in child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, early childhood, schools, domestic violence, health care and justice systems given the issues faced by themselves and their children and youth.  Please see for more details.

Parents Anonymous® is a trauma informed practice utilizing mutual support (the giving and getting of help), parent leadership (seeking solutions and becoming empowered), and shared leadership® (working together) to achieve personal growth that improves protective factors, increases family functioning and mitigate and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences by improving health and mental health well-being of Parents/Caregivers and their Children & Youth. National Outcome Data is collected annually measuring the change in Parents Anonymous® Parents/Caregivers, Children and Youth. We utilize a National Database, Fidelity Tools, and have Certified Staff to operate Parents Anonymous® Programs. Parents Anonymous® is both an intervention and prevention program where parents and their children and youth are empowered to create positive and long-term change for their families (

The Parents Anonymous® Program consists of a weekly support group for Parents and Caregivers and a separate group for their Children and Youth (0-18), Parent Partners/Advocates/Mentors, Supportive and Helpline Services provided by the Trained Group Facilitators, Parent Group Leaders and Other Parents Leaders in between Group Meetings. There is a Trained Group Facilitator and Parent Group Leader in every Parents Anonymous® Adult Group fostering emotional support amongst all participants to improve protective factors, reduce risk, and ensure family stability. Furthermore, there are Trained Children & Youth Group Facilitators who deliver a structured program to enhance self-esteem, build resilience, protective factors, and ensure the social and emotional development and well-being of children and youth ages 0-18 who may have mental health or other challenges. The Parents Anonymous® Adult Group is for parents, caregivers or anyone who is in a parenting role. Parents share leadership within the group with a trained facilitator who acts as a resource to families. The Parents Anonymous® Adult and Children & Youth Groups meets weekly for 1 ½ hours in a safe and nurturing environment that is free of stigma and fosters an atmosphere of trust, sharing and belonging.

The Children and Youth Group meets at the same time and place as the Parents Anonymous® Adult Group with Children and Youth Facilitators who provide age appropriate activities and support to children ages 0-18.

What Happens in a Parents Anonymous® Group?

parents and their children reading the bible

In a Parents Anonymous® Program, parents, children and youth build resiliency, enhance their wellbeing and strengthen the entire family by engaging in mutual support, parent and youth leadership, shared leadership® and personal growth and change.

“No one ever thought of me as a leader, until I came to a Parents Anonymous® Group. By reaching out to others to share my experiences and dropping into my feelings, I became the parent I always wanted to me. My children changed in so many positive ways. We all succeeded in strengthening our family. ”

– A Parents Anonymous® Parent

Benefits of a Parents Anonymous® Support Group


  • Builds Resiliency
  • Enhances Well-Being
  • Fosters a stronger sense of community and belonging
  • Ensures Confidentiality
  • Strengthens Families


The FCSRC Parents Anonymous® Groups (adult and child/youth) meet every Wednesday at our Winning Kids location, 464 Isabella Street, Pembroke from 5:00-7:00 pm.  A meal is included as part of the Group.  Participation is completely voluntary.  The weekly groups have helped to strengthen relationships and connect participants to local resources and supports.  Most importantly, the group offers a caring and supportive environment where parents support, respect and believe in each other.

For more information about the weekly group, please call 613-735-6866 X 2004.

Family walking together in park

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