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Services for Adults

Services are provided to Adults who have been confirmed as eligible to receive Adult Developmental Services by Developmental Services Ontario.  All referrals for all adult services funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services at Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County come only from Developmental Services Ontario.  Our Adult Protective Service Workers will provide you with assistance to connect with Developmental Service Ontario upon request.

Adult Protective Services:  Adult Protective Services (APSW) is a Case Management and Advocacy Service for adults diagnosed with a developmental disability.  APSW’s assist people to enhance and manage their community based living.  Individuals are supported to connect with the community to meet their unique needs and goals and to plan for their future needs.  APSW’s will work with the person to develop an Individual Service Plan. APSW’s assist with strategies for crisis prevention and intervention.   APSW’s are advocates who, at the request of their client or urgent necessity, identify and manage issues impacting the health, safety and human rights of vulnerable persons residing in our community.

Urgent Response Case Management:  Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County is the Urgent Response Mechanism for Renfrew County.  When adults, who are confirmed eligible or suspected of being eligible for Adult Developmental Services, are at risk of homelessness or harm, they may contact Developmental Services Ontario who will refer them to Urgent Response for assessment of the issue and assistance if warranted. Urgent Response is not a “crisis service” in that people should contact the appropriate response service (such as police or ambulance) in a crisis.

Transitional Aged Youth Case Management:  Crown Wards, who are deemed eligible for Adult Developmental Services, are provided with funding to permit the continuation of their support in the Adult Developmental Service System.  These young adults are supported by a Case Manager who works with them to develop individual plans that will help them reach their goals and enjoy community based living.

Behaviour and Communication Services:  These services are offered to Adults based upon referrals from Developmental Services Ontario. Services are offered to individuals and, where appropriate, to Groups with shared interests and goals.  Services are offered in the natural environment of the adult including places of employment, education, residence and where recreation/social activity occurs.  Behaviour Services are supervised by a Consulting Behavioural Psychologist and Communication Services are supervised by a Speech-Language Pathologist.