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Adult Protective Services

Eligibility for adult protective services is made by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) who can be reached by calling 1-855-376-3737.  They will complete an intake and screening and make appropriate referrals based on their assessment.

Once a referral has been received by DSO, Adult Protective Services Workers (APSW) assist adults with developmental disabilities enhance and manage their community-based living. Our APSWs are advocates who, at the request of their client or urgent necessity, identify and manage issues impacting the health, safety and human rights of individuals with developmental disabilities residing in our community. They work with each individual to develop dedicated service plans and assist with strategies for crisis prevention and intervention.

Some areas where APSWs assist adults in the community include: Landlord/tenant issues, advocacy with accessing legal supports, addressing medical needs and support with addressing health and safety in the community.


For more information: 1-800-267-5878 ext. 4128