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Adult Urgent Response Program

Developmental Services Ontario is responsible for referring adults in need of Urgent Case Management to Family and Children’s Services of Renfrew County based on the following criteria:

  • The person’s unpaid primary caregiver (e.g. family member) is unable to continue providing care that is essential to the person’s health and wellbeing (including where a risk of abuse or relinquishment of care has been identified); or,
  • The person has no residence or is at risk of having no appropriate residence in the very near future (e.g. homelessness, risk of homelessness, a risk of incarceration without appropriate diversion); or,
  • The person’s support needs have changed to such an extent that their current support arrangement may soon become untenable and their wellbeing (e.g. health and safety) is likely to be at risk (including where a risk of abuse or relinquishment of care has been identified); and,
  • Formal and informal supports are not available to reduce the risk of harm or address the unmet need (e.g. support from a family member or available service resources/vacancies).

The FCSRC Urgent Response Program provides interventions and supports in urgent situations to prevent the further escalation of risk, to mitigate any untenable risks, and to address unmet urgent need. This intervention is to be a temporary, short-term response or bridging supports until a longer-term support plan and/or solution for the person can be developed.