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Child Behaviour Services

Our Behaviour Services Program for Children provides skill development and intervention based upon Applied Behaviour Analysis principles through a multidisciplinary team approach. These services are provided to an individual in their natural environment or via office clinic visits and supervised by a Consulting Behavioural Psychologist.

Our services work to address various concerns, including social skills building, independent self-help skills, sleep problems, aggression and defiance using positive applied behaviour analysis techniques. Building the relationship and providing tools to parents in a positive framework are the cornerstones of the service.


Behaviour Services are available for children:

  • Ages 2 to 18
  • Diagnosed with a developmental disability
  • Diagnosed with Autism
  • Referred by a Service Coordinator with Developmental Services
  • Behaviour services are also available for children ages 2 – 16 who are involved with Child Welfare at FCSRC with a referral from the Child Welfare worker.

For Information and to Access

To make a referral to Child Behaviour Services, please call 613-735-6866 ext 4128