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Children’s Coordinated Service Planning

The role of Coordinated Service Planning (CSP)  is to improve service experiences and outcomes for children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs. Utilizing a strength-based, person-directed approach the Coordinated Service Planner will meet with you in the comfort of your home and will help you determine what is your family vision of coordinated care. The CSP Worker will then facilitate a collaborative planning  process with all of your service providers to share your vision, and to develop a single plan of care that addresses the needs of your family. The Service Planning Coordinator also monitors the progress of this Coordinated Service Plan until such time as the coordination of services is no longer required, or a lead agency can take over the function of coordination.



Coordinated Service Planning is available to children and youth:

  • From birth to 18 years (21, if remaining in school), and residing in Renfrew County
  • With complex special needs
  • In need of specialized services
  • No specific diagnosis is required


For Information or to Access

Any person can refer to the program providing the parent/guardian is aware of the referral.  To make a referral you can call 613-735-6866 ext. 4128